Township of Long Hill

2019 Sewer Rates

There have recently been questions about Sewer Rate Calculations in Long Hill.  This information has always been available on our website at  The ordinance setting the rates is available at in Chapter XXII.  For convenience the rates are listed below:

Below are the four configurations for Long Hill residents’ water and sewage disposal along with the fee calculations. They are:

1)    Well Water with Sewer – Flat fee of $644 plus service fee of $196 for a total of $840 in 2019

2)    The most common – NJ American water and Sewer – rate is $20.46 per thousand gallons plus a service fee of
       $196 in 2019.

3)    Metered Well Water with Sewer (split use) – The meter is read and the resident is billed accordingly using the            same rate as #2.

4)    Septic with Well Water – Pay nothing

If residents have additional questions, please call the tax office at 647-8000, extension 221.