Township of Long Hill

Clarification from Sally Rubin, GSWA Executive Director, regarding Sewer Referendum

In a video I participated in related to the Long Hill Sewer Referendum, the type of sewage being discharged in to the Passaic River was characterized as “raw” OR “partially treated” sewage.  The video on the NJAW website has since been modified and updated online to clarify that the discharges are partially treated not raw.  Nevertheless, the fact remains that Long Hill’s treatment plant bypassed treatment filters more than 60 times since 2010 and discharged partially treated sewage into the Passaic River.  Whether the sewage exceedances are “raw” or “partially treated,” it is undeniable that sewage that is not fully treated has gone into the Passaic River.

Distracting from the issue with semantics will not fix the system. Selling the system to an experienced company with a vested interest in protecting our watershed will.  The Great Swamp Watershed Association and I stand by our support for the Long Hill sewer referendum because we have always been and will always be driven by our commitment to protecting the environment.

Finally, much has been made of NJAW’s financial support of the Great Swamp Watershed Association.  Many corporations, foundations and individuals support the Great Swamp Watershed Association and the important work we do.  I certainly would not consider an organization that accounts for approximately 1% of annual revenues to be a “significant benefactor.”  It simply makes sense that they would donate to a non-profit organization that protects water – water is the entire basis for their operations.

Sally Rubin, Executive Director, Great Swamp Watershed Association