Township of Long Hill

Planning & Zoning Department
Alec Meehan, Code Enforcement Officer 908-647-8000 ext. 227
Debra Coonce
, Planning & Zoning Board Coordinator 908-647-8000 ext. 218
Debra Coonce, Zoning Officer: 908-647-8000 ext.218


The Zoning Officer is responsible for administering the Township’s Land Use Ordinance as it applies to all proposed site improvements or subdivisions on both residential and commercial properties.   The Zoning Officer also assists in the coordination of any other necessary approvals that may be required as per the Construction Check List listed below. 

Zoning Information and Forms:

Code Book
Zoning Map
Tax Maps
Bulk Requirements Chart
Zoning Permit Application
Lot Grading Application
Construction Check List

Residential Properties - A Zoning Permit is required for any/all fences, decks, sheds, generators, gazebos, patios, pools, hot tubs/spas, retaining walls, additions/remodeling and new homes.  The residential Zoning Permit fee is $100.00.

Commercial Properties - A Zoning Permit is required for businesses for expansions/additions, and any signage; the fee is $100.00.  Additionally, for commercial property expansions or additions, an Application for Development to either the Planning Board or Zoning Board of Adjustment may be required.

For change of tenancy, a Zoning Permit / Certificate of Continued Compliance is required; the fee is $75.00.

Planning Board

Meetings 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month, check calendar for changes

The Planning Board was established in 1944. It is responsible for the Township Master Plan under standards defined in the New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law (MLUL). The most current Master Plan was adopted in 1996. A copy is available for inspection at Town Hall and at the public library.

The Planning Board reviews and acts on applications for:

  • All major subdivisions
  • Site plans (unless a use variance is involved)
  • Bulk variances and conditional uses only if ancillary to one of the above

Depending on the type of application, it may be required for a notice to be served to the owner of every property within 200 feet of the subject property.

Each year, the Planning Board evaluates the variances granted by the Zoning Board of Adjustment to determine if there are emerging patterns which might call for a change to the Master Plan or the Zoning Ordinance. When appropriate, the Board makes recommendations to the Township Committee to amend the zoning ordinance.

The Board is assisted by its legal counsel (other than the municipal attorney), the Board Planner, and the Board Engineer. The Board Planner and Engineer perform site inspections of each subject property and prepare written reports for consideration by the Board.

Some applicants may first choose to take advantage of the Application Review Board (A.R.C.). This is a subcommittee consisting of four members of the Planning Board, the Board Engineer, and the Board Planner. The A.R.C. meets on an as needed basis prior to a regularly scheduled Planning Board meeting and all sessions are informal and non-binding. No minutes are taken, no formal presentation is required, and no fees are charged. However, the applicant is required to complete an application before an appearance may be scheduled.  Supplemental information such as informal drawings are welcome to accompany an application.  The A.R.C. will informally advise the applicant regarding the acceptability of the proposal. The committee allows no more than 15 minutes for each proposal. The meetings are open to the public to hear, but not comment upon.

Any person who has matters to bring before the Planning Board should contact the Planning & Zoning Coordinator at (908) 647-8000, Ext. 218.

Planning Board meetings are broadcast live on the following local cable television channels.:  Verizon channel 37 and Comcast channel 29.   Prospective applicants are encouraged to watch or attend meeting(s) advance to become familiar with the Board's procedures.

You may purchase an audio CD or video DVD of any meeting of the Planning Board upon completion and submittal of an OPRA request form available on the Township website or at the Clerk’s Office in Town Hall.

Zoning Board of Adjustment

Meetings 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, check calendar for changes

Long Hill Township has had a Zoning Ordinance since 1937.  All structures are regulated with respect to type, nature, and extent of their use according to specific zone districts.  The ordinances reflect the goals of the Master Plan for the Township, which is prepared by the Planning Board.

The Zoning Board of Adjustment has the state mandate for review of applications for bulk variances for single family homes, and site plans and subdivisions for use or density variances.

The Zoning Board of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial board whose purpose is to provide relief from zoning requirements that cannot be satisfied.  Requests for relief are not granted based upon precedent, but upon the ability of an applicant to prove his/her case.  The Board of Adjustment is established pursuant to the N.J. Municipal Land Use Law which governs its conduct and insures that its actions are uniform and meet standards similar to those applied in a court of law.

Any person who has matters to bring before the Zoning Board of Adjustment should first apply to the Zoning Official for a Zoning Permit.  If denied, he or she will be advised as to the sections of the Ordinance for which relief is needed and how to apply for such relief.  If you are advised than an application must be made to the Board, you may obtain an application packet from the Township website, the Planning & Zoning Administrator, or the Planning & Zoning Board Secretary.  Most residents are capable of completing the application forms for their own residence without professional help.  The Planning & Zoning Administrator and Planning & Zoning Board Secretary are available to assist, but are NOT PERMITTED to complete those parts of the application that must be stated in the applicant’s own words.  All applications require completion of one or more checklists and require photographs of the subject property.

Since variances may infringe upon the rights of neighbors, zoning laws require that notice be served to every property owner within 200 feet of the subject property at least 10 days prior to the hearing.  The notice must advise neighboring property owners of the date, place and time of the hearing and the nature of the relief being sought.  All interested citizens will have an opportunity to be heard at the meeting.

All meetings of the Zoning Board of Adjustment are conducted formally.  Applicants and witnesses are sworn, the meeting is recorded, and a court stenographer is present to record an official record of testimony.  Applicants must present their case to the Board which may include expert witnesses.  Individuals MAY be represented by an attorney and corporations MUST be represented by an attorney.

The Board is assisted by its legal counsel (other than the municipal attorney), the Board Planner, and the Board Engineer.  The Board Planner and Engineer perform site inspections of each subject property and prepare written reports for consideration by the Board.

Board of Adjustment meetings are broadcast live on Verizon FIOS Channel 37 and Comcast Channel 29.  They are rebroadcast on Saturdays at 8:00 P.M.  Prospective applicants are encouraged to watch or attend meeting(s) to become familiar with Board procedures.